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Your investment makes the difference

The deposit accounts insured by the federal government that you open and invest with Self-Help Federal will work immediately to support our members and communities. Our current investors include non-profit organizations, foundations, socially responsible individuals and families, and financial/asset management companies.

Your investments:

  • Help us strengthen community organizations
  • Cultivate local businesses
  • Provide affordable mortgage loans
  • Build neighborhoods
  • Advocate for fair and responsible financial practices
  • Support racial, social and immigrant justice
  • Reinvested 10 times or more, which multiplies the impact on the communities we serve

New offer: time certificates eligible for DTC Investment options

Deposits to support the mission and market rate

  • These deposits are insured with SHFCU up to $ 250,000, and are eligible for up to $ 500,000 in insurance through accounts with each of our savings and credit cooperative entities.
  • Your term certificates and Money Market accounts provide us with the liquidity to invest directly in our communities, families and members. Certificates of Economic Development

At a lower price than the market, these CDs allow us to do even more, providing a subsidy that helps finance a greater reach, education and financial literacy for communities in need. Low-interest long-term loans / PRI

  • These long-term loans of $ 1 million or more create a "secondary capital" in our savings and credit cooperative that allows us to increase our assets, service area and membership much more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

These loans and PRI have helped us become the fastest growing community development credit union in history, and we are not done yet! Scholarships for Programmatic Impact

  • Research grants to support policy change: our Responsible Lending Center (CRL) is the only part of Self-Help whose core operations are only supported by grants. Rigorous research and the defense of CRL take advantage of our knowledge of underserved markets to create smarter regulations and policies, where we have the greatest opportunity to impact millions of marginalized families.
  • We seek philanthropic support to provide services that we could not otherwise provide. Grants help us develop new programs rich in missions that can then become sustainable. Some examples of our work funded by non-reimbursable funds include individual financial advice, free tax preparation (VITA sites), citizenship loans, DACA and Fresh Start.

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